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"One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure" - Lucretius

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is the future and is defining the course of our world. We believe that all people deserve to have adequate technological access.


We have collected and distributed over 1,300+ devices to those in need, at no cost. Additionally we have built computer labs, and held electronic repair and literacy lessons.

Digital Literacy

Our digital literacy programs are optimized towards helping people from all backgrounds learn and understand more about technology. We partner with organizations and school clubs to hold classes and summer camps.


We care about the environment, and therefore, all devices which are collected that are no longer fit for use, are recycled. 

Youth Empowerment

We offer many different opportunities and resources to help those in need overcome their challenges. Also offer a way for students to make a difference and earn volunteering hours.

What we're solving

In our technology driven world, kids without access to technology are being left behind. About one in five children in the US often cannot complete schoolwork do to lack of computer access. In Africa, only about 8% of households have reliable computer access. Additionally, there is a catastrophic impact from electronic waste (e-waste) with over 40 million tons of hazardous electronic waste being thrown out each year, and growing. 


Closing the Divide is a Non-Profit organization based in San Francisco, California, with a mission to provide less fortunate communities the opportunities to utilize technology to build a brighter future.

Ever since our founding, we have worked vigorously to ensure that we live up to our mission and cause as much as we can. 

ClosingTheDivide has worked effortlessly to meet its mission. Feel free to take a look at our various accomplishments.

If you're interested in learning more about recent updates, feel free to visit our news page. 


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