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Branch Leaders: One to two people will be appointed to this role by the core admin team, after filling out the application, these two people act like the President and Vice President of the branch and deal with the branch’s admin work and communicating to the core admin team. If Branches grow to a substantial number of members and begin pulling in revenue, donations, and an audience additional roles can be administered by the branch leaders with the approval of the core admin team. Additional roles include: a director of finance, director of technology, etc.


Disclaimer: Branches can be run with as many or as few admin positions as possible, the branch leader can choose to separate power and create roles, or they can consolidate power. We recommend you find at least one other person you think would make an effective admin, so you can delegate and complete tasks efficiently.


Initiatives: Each branch of the ClosingTheDivide organization has near full autonomy, granting branch leads the ability to add/create new initiatives in their branch. However, each branch starts off with the E-Waste program, and can add any other sub-initiatives they feel necessary. The E-Waste Program is a sub-initiative targeted to refurbish broken or damaged computers found at recycling centers across the U.S. In addition, the E-Waste Program allows standard families to dispose of their old and damaged computers, which are then refurbished and donated to the low-income. Each E-Waste Program needs to have a partnered organization, or a dedicated plan/strategy on refurbishing the computers before donating to the low-income. In addition to the E-Waste program, each branch will be granted the option to inherit the CoderDojo and Summer Debate Tournament subiniatives. The CoderDojo network was established by the main branch, in a partnership with the CoderDojo organization. If a branch decides to join the network, a member of the core administrative team must be notified, and the branch must create their own CoderDojo branch via their website. If branches decide to become a part of the debate tournament, they are required to market the tournament (advertise Flyer, etc), and bring a minimum number of members into the tournament (number established by the core admin team) inorder for the initiative to count.


Incentives: Volunteer Hours: We are currently in the process of 501 c3 approval as well as PVSA approval, which means your volunteer hours will get counted. Impact: In addition each branch will have its own counter representing the impact it has had in its local community. The more effort each branch puts, corresponds with more money raised, and a larger impact made on closing the digital divide.


Eligibility: There is no requirement on the number of chapter clubs/branches that can be formed as well as location, there are however proximity based requirements. Proximity Requirements One Chapter Club per State/District Multiple Chapter Clubs within the same district are subject to merge, for example if both school A and school B open a branch, and they are both in C district, the core admin team may request the branches to merge

The following branches have already been created:

United States - Alabama - Arizona - California - Georgia - Maryland - South Carolina - New York - Delaware - Texas - Virginia - Washington State
International - Dominican Republic - Egypt - Philippines - United Kingdom - Morocco - Nigeria - Australia

Please Email when submitted.

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